Recordings from 2014

Below are links to recordings made of the 2014 Conference.

Using images to Create Interactivity
Speed canvasing
Automating Content Import
Using SpeedGrader, Canvas Rubrics and an iPad to Grade Authentic Assessment
Modules Schmodules
Jazzing up Canvas Pages using HTML & CSS
Using Audio & video to enliven your
Creating Community Online
Using Canvas Groups for Planning and Research
How to survive the Zombie Apocalyspe and Enhance
Digital Badging within Canvas
Modules and Pages course navigation in canvas
Surprise & Delight Your Students
Open Educational Resources meet Open
Top 5 Support Requests and How to Avoid Them
Confessions of the Absentee Instructor
Using Magazine Aggregators to Flip the Curriculum
Faciltated Learning Inside and Outside the Classroom
Interactive session on course conclude needs
Start your Research Here Intergrating Custom
Tips and Tricks for Improving student faculty success in Canvas
Authoring Online Portfolios
Using Canvas to Flip the Classroom
Nudging students to better performance with Canvas
Canvas Community
Using Canvas to Conduct Online Sicence Labs
Using the creative commons tool in canvas
Collaborating on Canvas
Focus on Communication…What, When &Why
Kaleidoscope open course
Not just for students

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